• Data Intelligence

    Let our Data Intelligence drive your Business Strategy.

  • A database of over 50 million

    With access to over 19 million economically active South African consumers our campaigns are always highly segmented, targeted and accurate.

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      CRM Management

      Huge volumes of complex data can be intimidating to most, our clients rely on us to create order out of the chaos. Our innovative data infrastructure manages and simplifies even the most complex data sets, removing the mystery and allowing you to gain actionable insights that drive business results.

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      Direct Marketing

      Our key focus is acquisitions. Our consumer database ecosystem of 52million records is continuously tested and refined to best identify triggers that influence your customers to engage and take action. We use our wealth of historical and current data to identify your exact consumers, target them via the most appropriate medium, at the lowest possible cost and drive the results you need.

  • The study of Humankind

    The name Anthropology is no coincidence, as it is our mission to constantly study and evaluate consumer data, interactions and trends. Meaningful marketing has to be born out of really understanding who you are speaking to and what makes them tick. The study of humankind… this is what we are all about.

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    Anthropology is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Email us and let's get you in touch with your exact consumer.

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